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Mashroo is an acclaimed Islamic online shopping store supplying designer thobes for men and boys.It has carved out a niche for itself in the space of Islamic clothing online by combining technology with traditional tailoring techniques to bring you the best men’s and kids’ thobes with latest designs as well as traditional ready made thobes.

The thobe is a long, loose-fitting Islamic attire of men in the Middle East and other Islamic regions, with many names. “Thawb” or “Thobe” is the generic Arabic term for the Muslim dress.  It is also known as “Khamis” in Somalia, “Jalabiyyah” in Libya, “Dishdasha” in Oman, “Gandora” in Morocco, “Kandura” in the United Arab Emirates and “Kanzu” in the Swahili language. “Jubbah” or “Jabbah” and “Kaftan” are also common names of this garment which is widely popular in Turkey, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Egypt and many other countries as well.

Mashroo, being one among the best thobe manufacturers in the world, specializes in creating Islamic thobes for men with quality fabrics, superior workmanship and excellent packaging. If you are looking to buy thobes online, Mashroo is the perfect place for you!

Custom-made, Contemporary & Classic

At Mashroo, we allow you to channel your individuality, by letting you choose from the latest trends and design options to make your own custom designer thobes online. We specialize in tailor-made thobes and constantly innovate with fabrics and refine designs to ensure the perfect blend of contemporary design and classic tailoring for you.

Quality within a Budget

Unlike most low price men’s thobes online, Mashroo doesn’t compromise on quality, always ensuring clean finishing and durable seams. You can find men’s thobes at a factory price on Mashroo. You may customise as little or as much as you want, there are no extra charges.